Financing a Home

We’ve all been told that if you shop for the lowest rate and click a few buttons on your computer—it should be easy to get a mortgage. Then why do so many people live with uncertainty about how real estate financing affects their financial future?


The decision to purchase or sell real estate can completely alter your financial situation and have consequences for your future. That’s why financial planning at this time is so critical. Our preferred partner is the only mortgage lender that fuses technology and financial advisors to help you envision your decision in real estate, so you can move forward confidently.

How we conduct business

We conduct business with integrity and humanity, building deep relationships with our clients. We know you as a human being and never forget that the work we do together is incredibly impactful for you and your family. Some of our most memorable meetings happen on the bike trail. We don’t have any scripts.


Documents needed for pre-approval

  • Complete loan application
  • Pay stubs- most recent 30 days
  • W2’s- most recent 2 years
  • Federal Tax Returns-most recent 2 years
  • Bank statements-most recent 60 days
  • 401k, CD, IRA accounts-most recent 60 days


*If Applicable*


  • Mortgage statement and homeowners insurance for all properties owned
  • BK discharge papers, divorce decree and or child support order
  • Business tax returns-most recent 2 years